Non-stop flights from London Heathrow to Australia: Will it be the world’s longest flight?

Flights from London Heathrow to Australia without a stop-over will launch for the first time in history.

The non-stop flight will be a first for British travellers, and will hopefully make the already long journey easier and more pleasurable for long haul travellers.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is operated by Qantas, and will have 236 passengers across business, premium economy, and economy.

The total flight time from Perth to London will be 17 hours and 20 minutes.

What are longest flight tims from the UK?

London to Auckland, New Zealand, is 23 hours 50 minutes for the total journey.

The trip covers a distance of 19,081 km.

Flight time from London to Beijing, China, is 10 hours five minutes, covering 8,136 km.

From London to Bangkok, Thailand, travellers are looking at a flight with a total duration of 11 hours 30 minutes, across 9,526 km.

It is not clear yet how often the flight will be running, and also how expensive tickets will be.

However, the launched will prove good news to those who frequently make the journey.

Do you know this trick to get cheap flights by avoiding paying Air Passenger Duty?

Air Passenger Duty, is the duty charge that is added to every flight departing from the UK and is levied against each passenger on the plane according to Skyscanner.

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