Boat Race 2018: Where to watch the Oxford Cambridge race mapped

It’s the time again for one of the most famous and longstanding rowing races, Oxford against Cambridge. This will be the 164th time the teams go head to head.

Heading to the banks of the River Thames today (24 March), both the men’s and women’s teams will race over 4.2 miles down the river from Putney to Mortlake.

The women’s team will be up first, kicking off their race at 4.31pm and will be followed by the men at 5.32pm. 

So where along the 4.2 miles can you watch the race? Well in fact anywhere you can grab a seat on the side bank between the start and finish line but there are a few places most popular with the crowds. 

The race passes through five key areas of London, Putney, Fulham, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Barns and Mortlake but the following spots along the river are where you want to head. 

Putney Bridge

A short walk from the tube station, this is one of the most popular viewpoints as it offers a clear view of both teams setting off from the start line all the way to the Fulham bend.

Putney Embankment 

In front of the Putney boathouses, finding a spot along the embankment will mean you’ll get a good glimpse of the racers as they kick off. The crowds certainly know how to create an atmosphere here.

Bishop’s Park 

This is one of two fan parks with the first catching the start of the race. Alongside great views, they’ll be plenty of street food, drinks and even large screens to catch the race in full

Barn Elms Boathouse

Considered a bit of a splash zone, a large concrete platform in front of the boathouse allows visitors to get pretty close to the action.

Craven Cottage

Home of Fulham FC, the hospitality of Craven Cottage will suit those wanting to watch the race in style. For £55 a head you are welcomed with a drink and served food.

The Crabtree

Thanks to its vast garden with views over the river, the Crabtree always attracts a good crowd. Visitors can enjoy the live action as well as catch the remainder of the race on big screens. 

Thames Reach

Just a few minutes from the Crabtree along the embankment, this stretch of ground allows for a good few moments of live action but make you must arrive early to beat the crowds.

Hammersmith Bridge

Approaching the halfway back, the Hammersmith Bridge allows you to catch the race while it’s in full swing as the crew race past. 

Furnivall Gardens 

The second race park celebrates the halfway make for the race. Viewing platforms allow visitors to cheer as the teams fly past before catching the rest of the race on screens. 

Chiswick Pier

With brilliant views of the live action, this section of the river catches the teams approaching the final stretch when the crew give it all they’ve got in the race for the finish line.

The Emanuel School Boathouse

A short walk from the Barns Bridge, the space in front of the boathouse offers incredible views of the final stretch of the race on towards the finish line. 

Dukes Meadow

The large park is situated just before the finish line, a good spot here will have you catch the teams coming towards the finish and crossing the finish line.

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