Australian Grand Prix 2018 qualifying LIVE: Latest news as Lewis Hamilton goes for pole

In the final practice session before qualifying, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari began to show their true pace on a drying track.

The early part of the session had been carried out in damp conditions but when the track began to warm up, Vettel strapped on the purple ultra-softs and produced the fastest time of the afternoon.

But Lewis Hamilton had already taken the upper hand with the fastest time in each of the first two practice sessions as Mercedes confirmed their tag as favourites.

Express Sport brings you all the latest from Melbourne.

Australian Grand Prix 2018 qualifying LIVE

5.55am: Who’s going to go out in Q1? Well, I think we can guess that Sauber will not be challenging for the top 15 and Williams seem to be struggling with reliability so Stroll and Sirotkin have had limited running. Not good for the famous British team.

5.45am: Weather update. We did have rain during practice earlier but, to the relief of the top teams who might fear Red Bull in the wet, the track started drying out even during FP3.

And now, we have temperatures of around 23 degrees Celsius and no rain. That might mean Hamilton is pretty much a lock for pole if you ask me.

5.30am: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.” Shakespeare of course forgot the sisters – but the sentiment remains the same. If you’ve got up for this race, we are bound in blood.

Well, maybe not blood. Petrol. I don’t know. It’s early. Stick the kettle on, put your feet up and wait half an hour for qualifying to kick off.

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